Lessons with Chuck

With the help of www.ChuckKnowsChurch.com, here are some videos that will both entertain and educate you in parts of the church's culture you may not know. Enjoy!

Call to Action

Our mission is to provide a safe haven where persons of all ages can develop spiritually and have fun.

Our current focus is reaching and embracing youth and the networks that support them, especially the generations under fifty.

Fundamental to our mission and focus is the implementation and use of streamlined and age-appropriate communications methods that effectively touch peopleís lives and convey the healing power of Godís love.

Just as Joseph was able, with Godís love and direction and care, to move from being sold into slaveryówith all its baggage, misery, and hurtóinto Godís freedom, we will seek to become transformers in our world through Godís restoration and healing in our own lives.

Our leaders call us to make Disciples for Jesus Christ . . . (Our task) We believe that this best happens in relationships that honor God and one another, and build upon the uniqueness that is inherent in each of us. We also acknowledge that through the combined and complementary use of the unique gifts that God has placed in each of us, we can truly become the body of Christ on planet Earth.

What Does Clynmalira Offer?


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